Firstly, happy October everyone! As an October baby, this month has always been extremely important to me. It's such a refreshing time of year when everyone embraces the paranormal and spooky.

We've been having so much fun getting into the season. Louie even got a little festive!

Enough dog pictures, let's get to recapping all the amazing paranormal fun we had this week!


On Monday, Pagan and I posted the conclusion of our two-part Bennington Triangle investigation for the main show. Pagan did a fantastic job with the Vault Notes, so don't miss out on a single tidbit!


Pagan posted a wonderful Tarot Tuesday where she used her "The Magick of You" Oracle deck to pull the lovely photo you see below.

Fun Fact: New Tarot Tuesdays are published every week for FREE on Patreon!


Wednesday is a big planning day for Pagan and I. This week we worked on our UFO outline for Thursday's show - it turned out great! We started getting creative on some BTS projects and recorded our interview with the amazing Katie Webb!

Speaking of BTS, we've been thinking of ways to expand our services to help sustain ourselves IRL as full-time weirdos. One of those was is marketing our paranormal talents. Pagan has created this beautiful storefront for you to book tarot readings and reiki sessions. We plan on growing our offerings as our knowledge and skills grow!


Thursday was a busy one this week! Pagan published her first monthly Ritualist Letter (Patreon), we recorded our podcast on Massachusetts UFOs, and we did some tarot reading during the post-show.


Friday was so amazing in multiple ways! First, we released our interview with the amazing Katie Webb. Then we hosted a wonderful Sigil Workshop on Twitch! We were a bit scatterbrained but the chat loved it! We'll be doing a class like this every Friday.


Pagan chose to write her monthly Patreon article about Hoia Baciu: A Forest of Phenomena and Mystery. I'm excited to give this article a read and learn what secrets Hoia Baciu holds!


For the month of October, Pagan and I are reading "Weave the Liminal" by Laura Tempest Zakroff. We're working on what shape we'd like the book club to take. Our early thoughts are to choose a book that covers a paranormal topic each month and do a mini discussion at the end of the month in Discord.

By the way, if you'd like to get the book in audio format, signing up on Audible supports the network!

OCTOBER Twitch Schedule

Thr Oct 1 - MAIN SHOW - UFO - Berkshire 7pm ET

Fri Oct 2 - Friday Show - Sigils

Sat Oct 3 - Creepy Clips

Thr Oct 8 - MAIN SHOW - Cryptids - Bridgewater Triangle 7pm ET

Fri Oct 9 - Friday Show - Candle Magic Sat Oct 10 - Kyle's Birthday stream - Ganzfeld Experiment Live?

Thr Oct 15 - MAIN SHOW - Salem 1 - History 7pm ET

Fri Oct 16 - Friday Show - Tarot

Sat Oct 17 - Creepy Clips

Thr Oct 22 - MAIN SHOW - Salem 2 - Supernatural / Modern Salem 7pm ET

Fri Oct 23 - Friday Show - Herbal Highlight

Sat Oct 24 - Creepy Clips

Thr Oct 29 - MAIN SHOW - Season 1 Recap 7pm ET

Fri Oct 30 - Friday Show - Ancestors / Working with the Dead

Sat Oct 31 - Creepy Clips

Kyle's Weird of the Week

How could I let you all go without interjecting some weird of my own! This week, we're obsessing over the Ganzfeld Experiment after watching Greg & Dana Newkirk attempt to use it to locate one Terry R. Wriste from Hellier.

On that note, you may have noticed the Ganzfeld Experiment noted in the Twitch schedule above! If I can get it working, we're going to give it a try for some remote viewing!


Thank you all for joining me for a recap post. I hope this proves helpful by making all the links handy so you don't miss a single thing!

We have tons of new content coming your way next week including a Behind the Scenes catch up with Pagan & me on Patreon, an episode about the Cryptids of Massachusetts (Thursday at 7pm ET on Twitch), a Candle Magic workshop, and more!

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