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Tarot Tuesday | October 13, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

Welcome back to another Tarot Tuesday! We are almost halfway through October and the thinning veil energies are some of the strongest I have ever felt. It has thrown me a bit. I have had to do way more grounding and cleansing work than usual. This year has been all about change and you have heard me talk a lot about it. We are seeing the world and the universe scream for change, not just physically but mentally and spiritually. As usual, I asked the deck, ‘what does the world need to hear today,’ and as usual, it gave me an answer of truth and change.

I chose to draw from the Oracle of Shadow and Light today. This is a beautiful deck with lots of insights into what we need.

Pink Lotus Fairy – A time for spirit.

This is a time where we need to be looking inward as much as outward. This card shows us it is time to immerse in a path of slowing down and listening more. As humans, we constantly are seeking and striving for the next great thing or striving to have our voices heard. While this is not a bad thing we also need to stop at times and reflect that the path we are on is the correct one. In many of the Tarot readings of late, we are seeing a recurring theme of slow down and seek the peace within. The universe is screaming this message. Again, we are seeing it before us. Why? Are we not listening? Perhaps. Or perhaps during this time of anxiety, fear, and great change we need to look within us for answers of peace. This card tells you also to investigate expanding your horizons through seeking knowledge, perhaps to things you have never looked into before. Seek out knowledge and thoughts that are empowering and enlivening and authentic to you. When you start this journey, you will see that the restlessness and critical voice within you will become quiet. Nurture your mind, soul, and body.

Poe – Time for change, to learn something new, to use technology and gadgets with wisdom.

This year we have learned so much and yet we still need to learn more. This card is calling you to seek out wisdom. We are yearning for change, yet we need to learn how to change. Change is brought about by knowledge and modifying our mindsets for something different. Change starts within us. We have a vast world of information on the internet. Using wise judgement this can be a wonderful tool for us to learn new things. Perhaps you have been longing to learn a new field of study or hobby. Perhaps you have longed to take up meditation or learn a new language. Whatever it may be, now is the time to pursue it with positive intent.

The Fairy of The Green World – The natural world needs you.

While this card and the previous seem to contradict each other they actually do not. Not only are we in a state where we are hungry for knowledge and change, but we are also in a time where our world needs us. This card is calling you to look toward helping our world. Now if you are thinking, “I can’t do that! I have a brown thumb and I don’t even know where to start!” I would say that is okay. Look at the first to cards again. It is time to learn. You can spend time in nature. You can clean up waterways or take up recycling. There are so many things we all can do to help our world. But this card is not just a card to reduce your carbon footprint, it is much more. This card calls to you to seek out time within nature to reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Even if it is just sitting outside on a balcony or in a park. Take a walk outside. Spend some time meditating or reading in a natural space.

Today's reading shows us that we are still caught up in the whirlwind of this energetic change. If you have been ignoring the call to do what you need to do, whether it is learning, meditating, or changing something important within you, now is the time to heed the call. The universe cannot keep screaming at us, it is time to listen.

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We would love to hear your comments below. I wish you all a blessed wonderful week. See you next Tuesday!

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