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Divination Tuesday | November 17, 2020

By: Brittany "Pagan" Adkins

Hello friends!

Tarot Tuesdays are changing! Now we will be doing them as Divination Tuesdays! These will include Rune, Tarot, and Oracle… and hopefully one day soon Ogham readings!

Today I have chosen to pull a card from for you from the Anne Stokes Legends Tarot. It is a beautiful and insightful deck. As usual, I asked, “what do we need to hear today?”

Nine of Wands – Upright

This card is a card of strength. It is showing you that no matter how turbulent the road maybe you are still ready to endure the challenges to push forward. You may feel broken and exhausted but trust that you are on the right path and more resilient than these obstacles. You have everything you need within you to overcome any difficulty that comes across your path. This card comes to you as an assurance that you will prosper if you maintain your position. Do not give up.

If others try to make life difficult or attack your path for what you are putting out into the world, do not let them get under your skin. You have a vital message and purpose! You should not shift your vibration or path to accommodate those who are jealous and insecure. Those who support you will be there and cheer you on. Invite the good souls into your life who will protect and support you through your cause.

The Nine of Wands finally calls you to remember your boundaries. Do not let anyone in who wishes to deplete your energy or steer you off your path. You must also be an advocate for yourself. Sometimes we need reminders to care for ourselves before we hit the point of breaking and burnout. Take care of yourself so you may continue your journey.

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